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Giving birth naturally, without any pain medicine or intervention, is an experience that many women find exceptionally rewarding. If you're interested in natural childbirth, Phabillia Afflack, MD, can help. Dr. Phabby's practice, Phabulous Care Inc, serves the Greater Calabasas Area, making home visits and providing telehealth services that combine excellence in natural childbirth with convenience. Call Phabulous Care Inc to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online today.

Natural Childbirth Q & A

What is natural childbirth?

Natural childbirth is going through labor and delivery without medication or medical intervention.

Some level of pain is inevitable, of course, but its severity is hard to predict. Women who choose natural childbirth use alternative methods to manage the pain, such as:

  • Controlled breathing
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Breathing techniques
  • Massage
  • A heating pad or ice pack
  • Birthing ball
  • Acupressure

Many women find they manage their pain very well using these methods, especially with support from family and professionals like Dr. Phabby.

Why would I choose natural childbirth?

Your decision to choose natural childbirth is personal to you, but some common reasons include:

Medication side effects

Medications for pain during labor can cause the process to speed up or slow down. They may also affect your blood pressure or cause side effects like nausea.


Many women dislike the idea that they won't be in control of their bodies and the birthing process if they use pain relief.


You might wish to experience natural childbirth because you want to be aware of everything that's happening and feel close to your baby during delivery.

Are there any risks to natural childbirth?

Childbirth, however it occurs, does present a degree of risk. However, if you're healthy and have a low-risk pregnancy, there's no reason why natural childbirth shouldn't be just as safe as labor and delivery using medical interventions.

Any labor could develop issues such as problems with the umbilical cord or heavy bleeding, but with Dr. Phabby at hand for any emergencies that may arise, you can minimize the risk.

If you would like to consider natural childbirth, Dr. Phabby can advise you on your degree of risk so you can make an informed choice.

What happens during natural childbirth?

If you decide on natural childbirth, you allow labor to start when your body's ready. Depending on your wishes and how things are going, you might wear a fetal heart monitor to keep an eye on your baby's condition.

You should be receiving support and advice on when to push from your birthing partner, midwife, or Dr. Phabby. You can move into a position that feels comfortable and natural when delivery begins. Only if there's a problem with you or your baby, or you change your mind about having pain medication, would Dr. Phabby intervene.

To benefit from Dr. Phabby's personal care and holistic approach to helping women through natural childbirth, call Phabulous Care Inc or book an appointment online today.