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Family planning allows you to be the decision-maker when it comes to if and when you have children. In the Greater Calabasas Area, Phabulous Care Inc provides home care and telehealth visits to educate you and help you plan your family with contraception. To schedule a visit with Phabillia Afflack, MD, call or book online today.

Family Planning Q & A

What is family planning?

Family planning, which is closely linked with contraception, allows you to decide on the timing of your pregnancies, the number of kids you have, and the amount of time between pregnancies. The Phabulous Care Inc team helps you review different options for family planning and decide on one that works best for you and your partner. 

Beyond contraception and birth control, family planning can also involve counseling for you and your partner about conception. The Phabulous Care Inc team is happy to share their expertise with you as you plan future pregnancies. 

With careful planning and education, you’re less likely to experience health problems for yourself or your baby during pregnancy. Family planning can also relieve social and financial pressures around starting or continuing to build a family. 

What are some effective methods for family planning?

The Phabulous Care Inc team understands that choosing a birth control method can be a challenge, especially because there are so many options available. You might need to explore a few before you find one that doesn’t cause side effects for you or that is easy for you to use. 

Popular contraceptive methods that can help you plan your family include:

Oral contraceptives

Oral contraceptives, known casually as “the pill,” are hormone pills that you take daily. They prevent you from ovulating, so your ovaries won’t release eggs each month as long as you take your pills consistently.  

Intrauterine devices (IUDs)

Your OB/GYN can insert an intrauterine device in your uterus to either release hormones or change the pH to prevent pregnancy. Some IUDs use hormones while others are made of copper. 


Condoms physically block sperm from reaching the egg. Both male and female condoms are options. By themselves, condoms are not the most effective method. However, they’re the only option that prevents the spread of STDs.


Sterilization for either partner is a permanent type of birth control. You might consider a tubal ligation or vasectomy if you know for a fact you and your partner have finished building your family.

Injections, wearable skin patches, hormone implants in the arm, and the calendar method (which tracks your ovulation) are additional options that you might consider. 

What should I consider while exploring family planning options?

Your gynecologist with Phabulous Care Inc helps you consider your contraceptive options from all standpoints. A few factors that you should think about while making your choice include:

  • Ease of use
  • Maintenance and upkeep
  • Percentage of effectiveness
  • Affordability
  • Side effects
  • Potential complications
  • How long you plan to use it

You should also consider whether or not you want to conceive at all in the future while choosing a method of family planning. 

To consider family planning options with your partner, call Phabulous Care Inc or book online right away.